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Founded in August 2016, Ubestream Co., Ltd. is currently stationed in the Taipei Co-Space, Neihu Technology Service Park, which is affiliated to the Hi-Tech Promotion Center, Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government.

Ubestream currently focuses on two emerging areas of video streaming and data intelligence. The video streaming team is positioned to face the TMT market, seamlessly integrating new media technologies and network video streaming technology, and using AR studio technology to simultaneously integrate virtual and real-life scene, in order to quickly produce rich and diversified high-quality audio and video contents, and to produce digital audio and video assets with IP value. The two-way audio and video interactive streaming engine independently developed by the video and audio team of Ubestream can perform flexible customized applications for various audio and video services such as one-to-one audio and video instant chat, one-to-many interactive audio and video broadcasts (for example cloud classrooms and cloud conferencing), VOD on-demand audio and video recording (including post-production effects) and other cloud video streaming OTT services. As to business models, it can support a variety of cloud software as a service (SaaS) such as video and audio on demand, on-demand billing, and subscription mode._

The core team of Ubestream is led by a number of Ph.D. in the field of data mining, machine learning and finance with industry and research experience, focusing on the application service market of data science, undertaking the R&D and service applications of technologies including AI, chat dialogue robot, IoT, big data, image and image recognition, trajectory tracking, digital encryption assets of Fintech related, smart contracts, block-chain and P2P finance. Looking ahead to the market trends of the future technology, Ubestream will use new technology and new economy as the main service and development axis of the company, providing audio and video streaming and data intelligence services in various fields.


AIchatin intelligent robot

AIchatin combines the system of real person customer service with chat robot, replacing the real person customer service, to provide automatic answers to frequent questions, so as to save a lot of customer services and costs. The customer service problems that chat robot can’t solve, are transferred to the second-line real person customer services so as to provide better customer service quality

MyKnower video streaming platform

You can directly talk with the experts, through “MyKnower” experts instant video and audio self-media platform, to ask for advice or to book online and offline courses, or flexible one-on-one instant teaching, one-to-many cloud video and audio classrooms, O2O reservation function, and to fast and conveniently meet the needs of professional knowledge and skills consultation as well as learning counseling. In addition, let the supply and demand sides of knowledge and skills understand each other, as well take action on your piecemeal leisure time.

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