Data integrity and reducibility

Ubestream’s SaaS service for chat robots uses a hybrid cloud architecture of private and public clouds. The agile data is placed in a private cloud, and the data mining and machine deep learning engine computing resources are used in the public cloud. Based on the above capacities, it can quickly respond to a large number of queries from the client even during traffic spikes periods.

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The cloud SaaS platform provides the customer service chat robot’s answer service. As long as you apply for the chat robot service, you can maintain the Q&A and the proper nouns of domains and read the customer service dialogue records in the back office of the webpage.

High availability backup and backup mechanism

The cloud SaaS chat robot platform aims to provide uninterrupted service, establish High Availability backup and system migration mechanism, and also perform normal backup of web page in the back office, data and files of database, and also use the export function to download and package the important information on the SaaS cloud platform.

Customized chat robots

The project tailored the chat robots and used natural semantic analysis to realize the situation like real person customer services.

Diverse greetings

Get closer to the visitors with a human touch.

Switch live customer service at any time

If you encounter a problem that the chat robot can't answer, the real person customer service can take over and enhance the visitor's satisfaction.

Textured question

The services of Ubestream use textures to match common problems. It is not necessary for you to enter text but you can get a reply just by sending a texture.

Thesaurus, question bank, knowledge points

Regularly add the thesaurus and question and answer database to enhance the correct response rates. Provide knowledge point functions and learn new opportunities.

Keyword response

Reply to richly formatted message contents by keyword and automatically tag groups.

Integrate information flow, business flow, cash flow, video and audio flow streaming complete ICT smart solution.

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