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Online instant consultation service at a second speed

Connect with experts to solve problems for you at any time

Provide instant text, instant voice and instant video, and conduct online learning or tutoring with selected expert.

The perfect order system will automatically calculate the client fee and the consultant’s income. Members can check the details at any time in the management center.

The online and offline blending service model provides knowledge and skills services that are closer to the user’s habits and needs.

Provide member-specific micro-station services to demonstrate and share expertise and knowledge.

Featured Classes

work out

“My expert MyKnower” expert audio-visual self-media platform, can provide distance training, yoga, yoga and physical fitness and other teaching guidance, so that the public movement is not restricted by the physical venues and public venues, the cloud can be carried out anytime, anywhere. Exercise, fitness and skill learning also allow sports and fitness instructors or yoga dance teachers to increase their online teaching income channel. By using the communication and video streaming smart technology to add value, the physical sports field can be infiltrated into the family life field, and people can be moved at any time. The willingness to learn fitness is no longer limited by weather changes or traffic geography.

Teaching Counseling

The expert of “My Expert MyKnower” can provide one-on-one education supplementary services from the media platform, and the supplementary classes are not limited to English learning. The supplementary teachers provide appropriate accommodation according to their own specialties. Students who need supplementary counseling can choose their own expert MyKnower platform to achieve the ideal of “Expert/Tutor/Coach on Demand”. My expert MyKnower platform also provides various subjects and art teachers. Tutors create a field environment for online income.

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